My Steam New Year's Resolution

My Steam profile makes me proud and sick at the same time. The most sickening part is realizing how many games I have purchased but not completed. I'm a very long time XBOX gamer and a reasonably long PS3 gamer.. but I find myself playing PC games more and more due to convenience.

Many, probably most, games on Steam offer achievements. While that is certainly not an indication of completing a game, it does offer some insight into your proficiency and completeness of experiencing a title. My current standing is poor.


I'm pushing for a 5% increase

Now, this is calculated on achievements, so just finishing a game's narrative doesn't necessarily mean anything. My goal is to go beyond my comfort zone and end 2014 with a 24% completion rate on Steam. I have to take into account the fact that I will undoubtedly be purchasing even more games than I have now.

At this point game completion and achievements take on separate roles. If you know of games that are easy to 100% on Steam, let me know! I have set the goal and I must complete it!

I exploited Oghma Infinium

I love Skyrim, but I get really annoyed playing Skyrim. I love that I'm on PC and can press F5 as often as I want but it's still not often enough. 

Now, I realize that this is my first post on this new site so I'll recap quickly by saying that I've been playing Skyrim on PC since the month it released. I was all "yeah, I'm going to be an all powerful mage so I'm going to boost my destruction tree and wear light armor!"

Turns out dual-wielding flame is terrible regardless of how high you level up. So now I'm pushing swords and heavy armor. (Please leave comments about how I'm doing it wrong, I want to win)

But I FINALLY completed the blood collection part of "Discerning the Transmundane" and so there I sat with my Oghma Infinium. And I mashed buttons and I got three uses out of it, one for each branch and I don't care. I know it's a glitch, and I don't recommend you take advantage of it if you're having fun.

But I'm dying left and right out there. I used my cheating skills to upgrade my blacksmithing so hello.. some crafting skill I don't have ore for.

And I still need to finish my Hearthfire home. It needs.. ugh.. everything.